About Us

SK. MAGISHAA SOLAR INDUSTRIES PVT LTD was initially well-known as SK. MAGISHAA HOMES (PVT) LTD it was started as a Construction company in1997. Over the 20 years, the Company has undertaken many challenging projects and completed the projects successfully as per Customers requirement. Although it is a Construction company we have suggested our customers to install the water heaters through solar system to encourage the society to reduce the carbon emission with the help of solar power.
And now we entirely moved to renewable energy by means of Solar Power determined by a passion of green energy, therefore we started SK. MAGISHAA SOLAR INDUSTRIES independently to driven by this vision of an ecological and clean future, we want to help in creating a world that is worth living in for all people. We are dealing with all kinds of Solar Power system.
SK. MAGISHAA SOLAR INDUSTRIES uses the most efficient and commercially available Multi Crystalline Silicon Solar PV cell and manufactured using proven industry standard materials and lamination techniques. The solar modules and production process employed in the manufacture of the offered module are in accordance with the requirements.

Our Responsibility

To motivate the entire world to reduce the carbon emission with the help of renewable energy by means of Solar Power. Transforming our energy supply requires our total commitment to grow renewable energy. We are having vision to produce high efficiency Solar Panel and carry out solar power generation projects. We are constantly working towards empowering our world with the power of sun.

Our Aim

“Our aim is to achieve the 100% of the energy we need to live on earth will be produced renewably and decentralized and to become the global leader in the solar industry by providing Solar Energy solutions that is cost competitive, reliable, innovative & sustainable to our customers”.

Our Values

To get appreciation for our quality products for which we have given our entire efforts with care. We are dedicated to deliver the high quality standard and advance competitiveness of photovoltaic solar panels through innovative business approach, operational excellence and technological expertise.
 Total customer satisfaction.
 Motivating our people through involvement & empowerment.
 Focus on reducing monthly electricity bills for the consumers by providing Solar & Energy saving products
 Providing eco-friendly and ozone-friendly products

Our Mission

 To provide high technology based solar systems to all the economic sectors of society.
 To provide world class technology for solar module manufacturing.
 To be a global, innovative and competitive Solar Energy enterprise providing total solutions to customers of Solar Energy products and services.
 To provide world class process technology to achieve best module results.


 Easy to reach sales and support staff
 Unbeatable pricing
 Outstanding technical support
 Superior customer service


 System consultation and planning
 Rapid turnaround on quotes, support and service
 Outstanding technical support