Solar power offers many benefits to home and property owners, most notably a reduction in electricity costs and usage. The Photovoltaic (PV) Grid Connect Power Plant consists mainly of 2 components, namely Solar PV array and the PCU. The PV array converts the light energy into direct current (DC) power. The module mounting structure hold the module in position facing south at an optimum tilt angle for max exposure to direct sunlight. MPPT solar charge controller converts the DC power into alternating current (AC) and then it synchronizes with the local LT grid for export and the local consumption of the clean energy within the building.


  • The biggest advantage of solar energy is immediate saving on your electricity bill.

  • It’s an investment for 25+ year lifetime from your installation.

  • There is absolutely no noise made from photovoltaic panels as they convert sunlight into usable electricity

  • Once the solar panels have been installed and are working at maximum efficiency there is a less amount of maintenance required each year to ensure they are in working order.