Sun, primary source of energy for planet earth is sustainable and inexhaustible. Fortunately our nation has excellent solar isolation levels throughout the year making it wise for us to harvest the energy from the sun. Of the numerous renewable energy sources available, solar photo voltaic has the maximum potential to generate clean and green power for all our future needs.
 Sun is the primary source of energy
 Solar energy is more evenly distributed in the world
 Solar energy is consistent
 Solar PV is well proven and demonstrated technology

SK MAGISHAA SOLAR INDUSTRIES offers innovative solar PV system solutions to help industries and commercial enterprises lower their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. We offer full portfolio of services that include design and engineering, procurement, commissioning of solar street lights as per the site requirement.


  • Street light becomes a stand alone

  • EB consumption- NIL

  • Civil –cable trench & cable laying -NIL

  • Solar Panel- 25 years design & warranty -10years

  • Replacement of luminary every 50,000 burning hours- 10years

  • Battery manufacture warranty -3years

  • Deep discharge (up-to 80%)pattern of battery gives more autonomy

  • Very attractive payback